Client Area, Accounts & Billing 10

Features in the client area, FAQs on accounts and billing, ordering information

cPanel 19

Tools & features found in cPanel and how to use them

eCart & Sitebuilder 95

Guide for using, site setup, tips & tricks

Email 4

Setting up and managing your email accounts

Presales 23

Answers to some of the most common presale questions


 Webalizer - Accessing Your Website Statistics - VIDEO TUTORIAL

Your cPanel has several ways to view your website statistics.  [ Click to View ] our video...

 Affiliate program terms

In order to participate in our Affiliate program, you must first activate the program here - if...

 How to setup email in cPanel

Depending on which package you've purchased, you have the ability to set up 6 or more email...

 Old Website Still Showing - How to Flush DNS

Flush DNS Sometimes there is an issue with your DNS resolvers caching the domain name to IP...

 DIY Templates - How to upload images for

First log into your store admin and click on the 'Images' link in the right column under the 'Web...

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