I would like to set up a website with you. Where do I begin?

Where to Begin

Now that you've decided to begin your journey to turn your dream of either creating a website or starting your own online business, you might be wondering where to start! Just follow these simple steps and see how easy it is, but if you find that you are confused at all, feel free to contact us with your questions.

Start Your Website

  • Purchase your domain name
    You've probably been thinking long and hard about what you want to call your business or website, but did you know you need to see if the domain name is actually available? Check out domain registrars such as GoDaddy or 123-Reg to check on availabilty, and then to purchase your domain name. You will not need to purchase any options they might try to sell you at this time.
  • Sign up at Little Fish
    Now that you have your domain name, you can choose a hosting package that fits your budget. Most new clients will start with the Basic eCart & SiteBuilder package. You will want to be sure to change the nameservers for your domain as soon as you sign up. Details will be in an email from us after signup. This will help prevent any delays in having your sitebuilder installed.
  • Choose a Design/Template
    You can also do this step before signing up with us if you prefer. We have several Approved Designers that provide premade templates, or they can create a custom look for your website. If you already have graphics to use, then you can choose from one of our own templates instead.
  • Create Your Site
    You can start creating your website as soon as you receive your email saying that your eCart & SiteBuilder have been installed. We have several guides in our knowledgebase to help you along, but if you have any questions you can contact us by submitting a support ticket.

Already using a similar eCart/SiteBuilder?

If you are using a similar eCart/SiteBuilder to our own, then you might be interested in knowing that we provide a Free Migration service to help make your switch from your current host easier.

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