What costs will I incur if I sign up?

There are no hidden costs or fees when signing up for our eCart, but here is an outline of some initial costs which may or may not pertain to your situation:

  • Domain Registration - this fee can vary depending on who you register your domain with.  Normally it is around $10-12 per year.  Be careful when purchasing or renewing your domain as the registrar may offer alot of products to go along with the domain.  You will need to decide if they are things you really need, otherwise your cost will rise.  Just keep in mind that you can always go back at a later time to purchase the product for the domain if you find that you need it.  We offer .com domain names for $10.95 per year and they come with free DNS management and ID Protection.

  • Template/graphics - this cost will vary depending on who you have design your template.  Many designers offer premade templates as low as $25, or you can opt for a custom look which can cost in the $100's.  Be sure to shop around for a designer whose style is one that you like, one with a good reputation and happy clients, and for one that meets your needs.  Getting stuck with a design you do not like is not money well spent.  If you purchase a graphics-only package, this can be even lower in cost, and the graphics can be used with our DIY Templates.

  • eCart & SiteBuilder package - our Basic package is very affordable at only $9.95 per month with a one-time $30 license fee.  This fee is waived if you sign up with a 12 month billing cycle.

  • Mals Ecommerce account - no cost if the Free service suits your needs, otherwise, at the time of this writing, it is $86.40 if paid annually for the Premium service.  Here are some of the things the Premium service covers which could easily cost you twice as much if you did it on your own:
    • Upload your own template for cart pages
    • Integrated UPS, Fedex, USPS and Australia Post rate services
    • Advanced shipping: 20 zones, 6 options per zones, rate tables with up to 26 bands
    • Third-party card processors (Linkpoint, Trustcommerce, Authorizenet, PayPal Pro, etc)
    • Shipping and payment processors are maintained and kept up-to-date by Mals, so no worries about coding for you
    • Batch download of new orders

Certainly there could be other costs involved, such as if you hired someone to optimize your product photos, set up your products, or even fully set up your store, but these are the bare basics to get started.

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